How to Smash a Burger without a Smasher?

When the burger patty is flattened, it browns better, becomes juicier, and makes us feel nostalgic too! As the smashed patties were available in every burger joint in the past, the taste takes us back to those wild road trip days!

The good news is you can make this at home without any trouble. If you have a smasher, the task will be easier. But when you don’t have one, how to smash a burger without a smasher?

Well, that’s what we will discuss today! If you want to get all the juicy details, keep reading!

How to Smash a Burger without a Smasher – All you Need to Know

A well smashed flat burger is full of flavors and tastes way better than the regular one. And that is the reason we are always looking for ways to make this treat.

So here is my step-by-step instruction on how to make a smashed burger without the help of any gadget. It is the easiest way; thus, even a beginner home cook can master this technique without breaking any sweat.

Things you will need:

  • A hard/solid surface
  • A pot with handles or skillet
  • Plastic wrap and ziplock bag

Step One – Measure Your Meat

First of all, you need to take the appropriate amount of meat and make a ball out of it. If you are going for a bigger patty, you can take the meat according to that.

However, it would be better to go for a small amount in the beginning. As the patty is going to be flat, it’s going to get bigger when smashed. So if your patty is larger than the bun, it won’t look good!

Step Two – Smash the Patty

Now take your ball of meat and place it on a solid surface. You can use your cutting board or kitchen counter for that.

After placing it on a hard surface, cover it with plastic wrap or a ziplock bag. Then take the pot or skillet, and put pressure on the patty to make it flat.

And for this task, you should use a utensil that comes with a handle. It will allow you to have a better grip while smashing.

But hey, don’t go overboard! If you smash it too hard, the meat will release all the juices, and you will get a flavorless burger. So you have to apply pressure slowly to flatten the patty. In this way, you can keep the flavors intact without any struggle.

Final Step – Cook Your Patty

When you are satisfied with the look of your patty, you can just put it on the skillet, season it a bit, and caramelize the way you want. This final step depends on your recipe and how you love to have your burger.

How to Flatten Your Burger Patty with a Spatula

Now that you know one method, let me tell you another. That will serve as a backup option when you are craving a fat juicy patty. You don’t need anything special to do this, just the regular utensils you have around the kitchen.

Step One – Make a Meatball

Like the previous method, you have to measure the meat and make a meatball out of it. You can make the patty as large or small as you want, depending on your preference.

Step Two – Season the Patty

When you finish making balls, season them generously on one side with salt and pepper. Some people love to sprinkle the seasoning when cooking in the pan; you can do that too.

Step Three – Warm up the Pan

Now put the skillet on the stove and add your favorite choice of grease. You can add butter, oil, pork, or beef fat, whatever you want.

When the grease is a little hot, it is time for you to put the patty on the pan. Place the seasoned side on the skillet gently and wait for the sizzle. And then sprinkle the seasoning on the other side.

Step Four – Sear the Meatballs

After finishing the seasoning, wait for at least 10 seconds for each side and sear the balls. But don’t sear it entirely as you haven’t done the main task yet!

Step Five – Flatten the Patty

Okay, so this is the time we have been waiting for! Just take your spatula and push it downwards with your body strength. And make the patty as flat as you want but don’t remove the pressure already.

You can release the meat after a minute and cook it until the patty reaches your favorite texture. Now flip the patty and cook the other side too.

Final Step – Serve the Burger

When you are done with the cooking, you can add the cheese before turning off the stove. After the cheese melts, you can take the patty out of the skillet and trap it between two buns, put your favorite add-ons and enjoy every delicious bite of it.

Tips to Follow While Cooking a Smashed Burger

Here are some tips you can follow while cooking a smashed burger.

  • While making a smashed patty, always go for high-quality meat. Otherwise, the burger will be bland, and that will ruin all your hard work. And you don’t want that, trust me!
  • If possible, you should grind your meat with a blend of 80% lean and 20% fat. In this way, you can ensure the juiciest burger for yourself every time.
  • It would be better to use a cast-iron skillet for cooking the smashed patty. Or you can use a grill as a substitute.
  • If you are not satisfied with the texture, you can flip your patty more than once. I know, it’s not something a professional would do. But as a beginner, there is no harm in doing that.
  • Never over-season the meat! If you do so, it will lose its natural flavor, and salt and pepper are all you will taste. So keep yourself in control while seasoning!

The Bottom Line

Smashed burgers are flat, juicy, flavorful, and most importantly, they are easy to cook. All you need is the basic culinary skill, and you are done!

So now that you’ve learned how to smash a burger without a smasher, you can make your favorite patty anytime you want. Hence, when you are cooking the next time, don’t forget to thank me!

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