Franke vs Blanco Granite Sinks – Which One Is Better?

Even if the current trend might make you think that granite sinks are losing its popularity, that is simply not the case. These sinks have been a go-to choice for the ones that are looking for getting something luxurious installed in their kitchen. It makes the kitchen look more elegant by enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Now, two brands that people think about when granite sinks cross their minds are Blanco and Franke. And, while going through their catalog, you might want a Franke vs Blanco granite sinks comparison.

We are here to provide you just that. And we will go through each of the factors that make one better than the other, and hopefully, you will be able to have a clear idea in the end.

About Franke and Blanco

The manufacturer Blanco has been around since 1925. From the time, they are offering some of the best sinks that are out there.

Even though they had a bit of trouble in the beginning because of less human resources, they gained popularity significantly faster than other companies. They are now one of the manufacturers that offer high-end sinks.

On the other hand, Franke has been around for more than a hundred years. In this time period, they became one of the manufactures that integrated innovative technologies in their sinks. They are known for the extensive lineup of innovative products that they offer.


The first thing most buyers look for in the case of any product is the price. If you compare the price tag of the sinks that the manufacturers are offering, you will find that Franke is offering options that are of different price points. The high-end ones are quite pricey, and some that are entry-level are quite affordable.

However, the price of the affordable ones do not dictate the overall features. Even the entry-level ones that Franke is offering are filled with features and will definitely make your kitchen work simple.

On the other hand, for the Blanco, it will be tough for you to get a deal that you can call it as entry-level. Their sinks go through pre-processing and post-processing, which bumps the price up significantly.

So, if you are looking for an affordable sink, you would better stick with the economical options that Franke is offering.


When it comes to kitchen materials, the outlooks are one of the essential factors that most of the buyers consider. You might have the idea that getting a granite sink that will match along with all the other kitchen utensils is a tough task, but that is simply not the case.

There are many finish and color options that you can choose from for enhancing the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. Both the manufacturer have some excellent color finishes that will surely make your countertop stand out.

In the case of the options that Franke is offering, there are nine. You will be able to choose from mocha, champagne, storm, and oyster if you are more into the brown shades. And there are also onyx, shadow grey, and different graphite shades if greyish and black is your color.

On the other hand, you are going to get three fewer color options in the case of Blanco. But they are also equally elegant as the options that the other manufacturer is offering.

You will be able to choose from six of the sophisticated colors. The colors that they offer do not get damaged. That means you will be able to get the same shine that it had out of the package with some cleaning.

Even if Franke seems to offer more color options, it all depends on your personal preference. You might prefer the creamy options that they offer. However, if you want your sink to have the same shine for an extended amount of time, we would suggest you to opt for the units that Blanco offers.


The style of the sinks plays an important factor in the case of the aesthetics of your kitchen. You will get a different look with different styles.

Let us start with Blanco first. They are offering plenty of options. One of the recent hit is the apron-front IKON lineup that they brought out. It comes sporting a statement that it will set your décor apart, which is true. This mounting option is one of the luxurious ones that are available in the market.

Apart from the apron-front one, there is the award-winning Modex, which offers a considerable amount of space, SILGRANIT that is quite popular as well. They are also offering Precis, which will meet all your professional desires along with looking elegant.

For classy looks, there is the Diamond series. Two other styles are the Vision and Vale that will surely take a significant space in your heart.

On the other hand, Franke tends to stick with traditional designs. They simply do not bother about the contemporary looks that the other manufacturers are bringing out each month. There are some modern designs in their lineup, but those are not that flashy.

So, if you are looking for sinks that will catch the attention of the guests, you should look at the options that Blanco is offering.


In comparison, Blanco granite sinks come featured with a lot of exterior coatings and pre-and post-processes. All of that will make it extremely hard for you to put a scratch or spot on it. That means you will not have to clean it frequently.

However, sunlight and other elements can cause blemishes to appear on the surface. But the high-quality ones will be able to resist them exceptionally well too. You will have to clean them at one point.

And for that cleaning process, the manufacturer suggests deep cleansing after every four weeks, which can be a bit tedious. Alongside that, you will have to dry it off and wipe it using a microfiber cloth.

On the other hand, Franke integrates their sinks with a revolutionary formula that can fight off the bacterias and germs that stays on the surface. This integrated sanitizing treatment, meaning you will not have to worry about cleaning it that often.

So, in comparison, the cleaning process of the Franke sinks will be a hassle-free experience.


As we mentioned above, the ones that Franke offers come with an integrated sanitizing formula that will keep the bacterias away from the surface.

This feature alone can sell if off to plenty of people that are looking for high-end sinks in the market. Other than that, they are easy to use as well. Many of them come with dual bowls too.

Alongside those, it can resist stains exceptionally well. It can also withstand high temperatures. However, do not expect that it will never have any blemishes on the surface and can survive extreme heat because everything has a withstanding limit.

In comparison, Blanco focuses on practicality the most. That is why their sinks are mostly chosen for professional workplaces. They do not come with any fancy features, and most of the restaurant’s go-to option is the sinks that they offer.

Keeping the home users in mind, they also implemented some practical features too. One of them is the spacious bowl that comes with their sinks. That is why individuals who have a large number of members in the family often tend to pick the Blanco sinks. This spacious bowl also lets the user multitask on the sinks.


It is quite challenging for us to say that one is better than the other as both of the manufacturers are offering a great lineup of sinks that are reliable and worth the money.

However, for comparison’s sake, we would say that Blanco is a tad ahead because of all the innovations that they integrate their sinks with every year. However, you will not be wrong if you chose Franke over Blanco.

To conclude, we hope that we were able to provide you enough information over the topic of Franke vs Blanco granite sinks. With that, we would like to end here by wishing you good luck and hoping that your new granite sink looks outstandingly good in your kitchen.

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