Double Sink Vanity Sizes: A Complete Guide

If you want to set your day right, a good vanity is a place to start. However, jostling for space with your partner might become annoying if it continues for months. Besides, fighting over a single sink sometimes feels like a pair of petulant siblings.

Having separate sinks give you lots of personal space to perform your daily routine peacefully. So, for enjoying genuine comfort when starting your day in front of the bathroom sink, get yourself a double sink vanity.

Although you don’t need a super big sized bathroom for it, the importance of double sink vanity sizes cannot be overlooked if you want it to look good.

Benefits of a Double Sink Vanity

More is always better — at least this holds true for double sink vanities. The benefits of a double vanity outweigh that of a single sink by leaps and bounds. Although this is a no brainer, we’ll just mention some of the major pros to motivate you towards it.

Adds Value to Your Home

Since nowadays, couples are preferring double sinks over traditional single ones in their master bathroom, a two-sink vanity makes your home more desirable to potential buyers.

More Storage 

The number of staff and daily utensils are more in a master bathroom. And having a double sink vanity in there solves the problem of hiding them from view as it has plenty of space available to store all of them.

More Countertop Spaces

Another advantage is your chance of having an autonomous sink at your disposal. This also means that you have more countertop space around it for your daily needs like shaving or makeup kits. And this will also encourage you to tidy up your countertop.

Saves Time

If you have a big family, double sink vanity saves you a lot of time when you have to hurry for the office in the morning. Too many people in the house mean you have to wait for someone to get finished with one sink before you get to have your time. A double sink vanity always comes to your rescue during these situations.

Peace of Mind

We know you love your significant other the most. However, there is no denying the fact that having to always fight over the sink or counter space is not the best use of your morning time. But when you have a double sink in the bathroom, there is a level of harmony you get that is worth any price.

Necessary Preconditions

You simply cannot go and buy a double sink vanity of your liking for your bathroom. There are certain aspects you need to keep in mind before you go. If you forget those, no matter how good the vanity is, you might have to return it. So, consider some of these things to avoid unintended troubles.

Bathroom Size

When your mind is set on a vanity, don’t order it blindly. You have to remember that every bathroom is different. And it is your bathroom layout that is ultimately going to determine the size of the vanity you’ll need to buy.

A common mistake done by novice people is that they forget to measure the dimension occupied by the bathroom door that takes some of the space. It is also important to keep enough space in front of the vanity for a comfortable experience.

Consider the Uses

Think about how and for which purposes the vanity will be used before mounting the whole thing. If you need extra space to store many things in the bathroom, your best bet is a freestanding or a built-in vanity. They have so much space under the sink to store everything you need for a bathroom.

But if your main goal is to have an aesthetic look along with having a freer space, a floating wall mounted vanity will be your pick. Although they come in all shapes and sizes, these vanities save up a considerable amount of space in the bathroom.

Popular Double Sink Vanity Sizes

When you’re planning to remodel the bathroom, measure the height, weight, and depth of the vanity you like and compare it with the space available. Surely, staffing a large vanity inside a small bathroom won’t make it very advantageous. And a small vanity inside a large bathroom isn’t the best utilization of space either.

There are few popular sizes for double sink vanities that seem to work on almost all types of bathrooms. You can easily pick any one of them without having to fuss over the accurate sizes of the bathroom space.

48-Inch Vanity Size

This is probably the most versatile double vanity size for any bathroom, as this size allows you to customize your space as well as better suit your needs. Although it works quite well for a couple, a 48-inch vanity sized double sink is the smartest choice for a shared bathroom between siblings.

60-Inch Vanity Size

Know that most double sink vanity sizes range between 60 to 72 inches. This is a determining factor for planning the use of the space. A 60-inch double vanity sink offers you a large enough space on the countertop along with sufficient storage space to keep you organized.

An important tip to remember while buying is that, a 60-inch vanity works best with bathrooms that are at least 15 feet or more in length and width or both. Also, such sized vanity is a perfect choice if more than two siblings are using the same bathroom.

72-Inch Vanity Size

When you have a super large master bathroom, nothing will work better than a 72-inch double sink vanity. This sized vanity is packed with storage solutions for almost all of your needs, including cabinets, shelves, drawers, etc. Even if you put all your daily essentials on the countertop, still some room always remains left.

Since such vanities are often used in high-traffic bathrooms, drop-in and undermount sinks are the best choices for long term benefits such as durability.

Standard Vanity Height

A user feels the most comfortable using a bathroom vanity when it is waist-high. So, depending on how tall the user is, the standard vanity height ranges from 32 to 36 inches.

Final Words

When you think about it, the entire layout of the bathroom depends on the size of the vanity you choose. This is because, the placement of the mirror, lighting, power outlet, faucets, etc. all depends on the size, height, type, and design of the vanity you have.

Perfect double sink vanity sizes either make or breaks the aesthetic of the bathroom. So, be very much vigilant when you are going to invest in this amazing structure.

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  1. My double sink vanity is 32H X 65W and has 15 inch sinks with 10.5 inch faucets. Can two 19W X 36H recessed medicine cabinets work for this vanity?

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