Difference Between Citrus Juicer and Juice Extractor?

On a scorching hot day, everyone desires to have a glass of fresh juice. Apart from that, many like to start the day by having a glass of vegetable or fruit juice.

But, fresh juice is pretty hard to avail from the market. Besides, these juices contain chemicals and sugar, which are detrimental to your health.

Getting a juice extractor or citrus juicer as a home appliance can provide a perfect solution to you in this context.

However, a question may cross your mind. Is there any difference between citrus juicer and juice extractor? The answer is a big yes.

So, let’s explore the brief differences between a citrus juicer and juice extractor and pick the best one suitable for you!

Difference between Citrus Juicer and Juice Extractor: ‍A Comparative Analysis

Citrus juicer and juice extractor are quite the same in many aspects, yet they are not exactly alike. Some remarkable differences are there between these two.

A juicer generally provides you liquid or juice from citrus fruit. Besides, the juicer doesn’t separate between shell seeds, pulp and juice and doesn’t crush the entire fruit while producing the juice.

Whereas a juice extractor chops the fruits or vegetables into parts. Then it rotates fast in order to discrete water from the pulp, husk, and seeds.

In terms of price, a juice extractor is costlier than a citrus juicer. More so, a juice extractor has some extra features compared to a citrus juicer.

These are some overviews of the difference between a citrus juicer and a juice extractor. Now dip into the detailed description of it!

Citrus Juicer

This piece of juicer serves well specifically for citrus fruits. Citrus fruit juices are quite reasonable. It rotates slowly, not like the centrifugal juicer, which spins fast.

The citrus juicer has one cone-designed spinning head. You need to cut the fruit in half and then press the spinning head over it to get the juice.

After extracting the juice, you can either retain the pulp or you can separate it from the juice. Another interesting fact is that the juicer has only a handful of parts, and you can easily take away all the parts.

That helps you to easily wash-down the juicer. Fruits that you can use to get the juice from the citrus juicer are grapefruits, sweet limes, lemons, tangerines, oranges, and many as such.

You can avail much citrus fruit juicers in the market. The most common three are discussed below.

Manual Citrus Juicers/ Citrus Reamers

Want a decent and reasonable juicer? Then this one should be right at the top of your list. However, these citrus reamers make too much mass while extracting juice from fruits.

Like all the citrus juicers these manual citrus juicers/citrus reamers come up with a cone-designed head. Through this head, you can squeeze each and every suitable fruit.

Besides, it amasses all the kernels and then pushes those above the filter. The citrus juicer gathers all the juice in a separated cup.

Electric Citrus Juicers

Electric citrus juicers have many distinctions and versions in the market. All of these offer diverse features.

One of the common features of this juicer is that it has a motor inside the device. This motor aids the reamer to spin round and at the same time grate your fruit.

The reamer has the ability to rotate fast. Besides, it can rotate both ways, which ensures more competent juicing.

But, the juice may not always taste pretty sweet if the unpleasant oil of the peel is mixed with the juice at the time of juicing.

Citrus Press Juicers

This one is another juicer that comes with a manually working procedure. You can see that these juicers have a piece of the arm; if you want to power the juice from the fruits, you need to grab the arm and wrench it down.

You can conveniently operate this citrus press juicer. For this, you just need to cut the fruit in half and then keep the fruit in the bottommost squeezing area. After that, you should utilize the handgrip to wrench down the upper pressing part onto the fruit persuasively to extract the juice.

Its arm is mainly made from metal. But there are some low-priced models as well. If you give too much pressure on the arm, it might break down.

However, you can also find some models of citrus presses that have a motor with them. This allows you to extract the juice efficiently as well as conveniently. These juicers are pretty much the same as the electric citrus juicer. The only difference is that the citrus press juicer has a cover right at the top to press the citrus fruit.

Juice Extractor

Want a device that can be used to extract juice from both fruits and vegetables? Then juice extractor is a tremendous appliance for you.

At the very beginning, this juice extractor slices the fruits or veggies into several pieces. Then, it rotates those pieces quickly to detach the seeds and skin.

The juice extractor is perfect for you if you don’t want to get anything like seeds and pulp other than pure juice. So, if you desire to extract only fresh juice, then this juice extractor is a product to buy.

Here two of the most common type of juice extractor is discussed in brief.

Centrifugal Juice Extractor

Centrifugal juice extractor has the ability to rapidly extract juice from the fruit as it has centrifugal power. Many find it boring to wait with the device while extracting juice.

To give you relief from this problem, this centrifugal juice extractor works fast and provides you juice in no time. It rotates the fruits or veggies at approximately 1200 RPM speeds which are quite like the washing machine.

This device amasses all the waste in a container and gathers fresh juice to another one.

Masticating Extractor

Masticating extractor is not like the centrifugal extractor as it uses a sluggish auger. That’s why the speed is only limited to 100 RPM.

Besides, this piece of extractor doesn’t shred or slice fruits or veggies with the blades. Instead, this is a perfect juice extractor suitable for green leafy juice.


You might have a gut feeling that there is no difference between Citrus Juicer and Juice Extractor prior to reading this article. But now we think that you have got a clear and precise idea about the difference between these two.

Hope that you have benefited from this article. So, let us know your opinion and share this with others!

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