How to Cut Granite Countertops for Sink?

Granite countertops are a thing of beauty when they are cut and installed properly. But it is a feat that is very difficult to achieve as granite is quite a hard stone. Also, it is quite expensive, so chipping it will hurt your investment.

However, it is not impossible if you have the proper gear and a ‘can do’ attitude. So, let’s take a look at how to cut granite countertop for the sink.

THINGS YOU WILL NEED              

The necessary things you will need to go through with the process are as follows:

  • Diamond Blade Equipped Circular Saw (Wet or Dry)– Regardless of dry or wet saw, it must have a diamond blade as it is durable and strong and able to cut through dense granite.
  • Ear Plugs– Cutting granite with a saw can be pretty loud, so it is better to put on earplugs.
  • Safety Goggles– Cutting through granite will generate a lot of dust, which will cause irritation in your eyes if you do not wear goggles.
  • Measuring Tape or Ruler– It is very important to measure your sink and then place those measurements on the granite countertops so that they align perfectly. After measuring the granite, mark it with tape or marker.
  • (Permanent) Marker– You can use a marker as an extra guide to follow the line for cutting granite countertops for your sink.
  • Dust Mask– Inhaling dust can endanger your health, so you must wear a dust mask while cutting granite countertops for sinks.
  • Painter’s Tape– In order to mark your measurement, you can use painter’s tape. It is very easy to remove and will allow you to get your measurements accurate before cutting.
  • CClamps– To prevent the granite slabs from moving, use C-Clamps so that they remain in place.
  • Sturdy and Spacious Work Surface– Keep granite slabs or blocks in a sturdy and spacious work area. Also, make sure not to place it on top of a workbench that moves.
  • Angle Grinder (With Diamond Coated Grinder)– This is an absolutely necessary tool that will allow you to even the sawed edges of the granite countertop.


Now, we’ll tell you about the entire process in detail. Keep reading.

Step 1: Put on Safety Gears

Wear all your safety gear before starting with the granite countertops. Remember to remove all of your jewelry and roll back long sleeves for further safety. You can also wear a cap to prevent dust from getting in your hair.

Step 2: Get a Secure Workspace

Move the granite countertops into a spacious, stable, and durable workbench or area. Secure the countertops with C-Clamps so that it is safe to saw it.

Step 3: Carefully Measure the Sink

Prepare a paper template of your sink and place it on the countertop. Trace the lines with a marker and place tape in order to prevent chipping while cutting the granite countertops.

Step 4: Prepare for Dust

If you are cutting it dry, be ready for a massive amount of dust. Also, you need to be extremely careful while cutting it with a circular saw; otherwise, it might get chipped.

And if you are cutting it using the wet method, you must ensure water is constantly running on the granite slab.

Keep in mind that it will produce muddy water, but it will also keep the blade cool and prevent chipping.

Step 5: Make Sure There’s Room for Error

To give yourself some room for error, cut about 1-2 mm inside the measured line. You can always cut and make it perfect later.

But if you cut from the line, you may not be able to rectify your mistakes later on. Make shallow cuts along the lines.

Do not force the saw and plunge in the granite slabs. Remember to stand on the side whenever you are sawing through the granite. For further safety, use two hands greater grip on the saw.

Step 6: Keep Your Eyes on the Saw

Never look away from the saw as it may result in missing the lines or even injury. Always check whether you are cutting exactly like the lines drawn on the slab.

Step 7: Smooth the Edges

After you are done cutting the outline of the sink, now you have to smooth the sharp edges. For this, use the tip of the angle grinder with a diamond grinder wheel along the edges to remove sharpness and scratches.

Make sure that you do not push the tip inside the edge as it may damage the sinkhole on the slab.

Step 8: Start Polishing

Once you have thoroughly smoothed the edges with the angle grinder, you can polish it by replacing the grinding wheel and attaching buffing wheels to it.

Final Thoughts

Many people do not want to go through cutting their own sink countertops, rather they prefer to pay quite a lot of money and avoid the hassle.

But you can save a lot of money just by applying a little elbow grease and buying some tools.

By applying the steps above, you, too, can cut granite countertops for sinks like a pro.

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