How to Clean a Blanco Composite Granite Sink?

Unlike the common stainless sink, a granite sink exudes elegance and makes your kitchen luxurious. And Blanco is renowned for its kitchen and bathroom fixtures since 1925. One of their well-known products is a composite granite sink used by restaurateurs, chefs, designers, etc.

Composite sinks are less expensive than all-natural granite as they are made of acrylic resin and granite stone dust that has been pressed.

However, as time passes, they can become dull and get stained. So it is very important for you to know how to clean a Blanco composite granite sink properly.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning a Blanco Composite Granite Sink

  • Harsh chemicals like bleach or sink cleaners containing ammonia
  • Steel wool
  • Abrasive brush or sponge

It is important to avoid the materials listed above because they will cause lasting damage to your granite composite sink.

Harsh chemicals will penetrate the materials and cause erosion while using hard bristles to clean the sink will leave scratches on the surface.


Let’s talk about different cleaning processes that you can employ.


For preventing stains from becoming permanent in the sink, it is important to clean it every day after use.

So mix liquid soap and water together and with a soft sponge or brush, clean the granite composite sink.

Thoroughly rinse the sink with clean water. In order to prevent soapy water spots on the sink, wipe the sink with a soft dry cloth.


To get rid of stains, simple water and soap may not be enough. You can follow any one of the two methods below:

Mild Abrasive Cleaners

You can apply some very mild yet abrasive cleaners to a cotton scouring pad (remember to not put the cleaner directly on the spot) and gently scrub the stained area until it is gone.

Then wash the sink to get rid of all trace of the cleaner. Finally, gently wipe the sink.

Household Items

If you do not want to use any industrial chemicals at all, you can look through your pantry and find some ordinary household items and make your own homemade cleaner.

Mix water and white vinegar in exactly half and half portion then spray the stain with the mixture. You can also make a paste with baking soda and some water and smear it on the stained spot. Then thoroughly rinse the sink and wipe it a dry cloth.


For very stubborn stains, prepare a mixture of 50% bleach with 50% water. Make sure that you close the drain of the sink and let the mixture rest for about an hour in the sink.

Next, drain the solution and scrub the sink with a soft brush. Rinse with water and wipe off all the water.

Another way to clean tough stains is to use a mixture of whiting powder and hydrogen peroxide.

First, read the instruction of the whiting powder carefully and make a thick paste by mixing the powder with hydrogen peroxide. Second, cover the stained area with the paste of about ½ inch thickness.

Third, carefully cover the area with plastic wrap. Fourth, wait for 24 hours for the mixture to get the stain out of the sink.

Fifth, remove the paste using a soft cloth or sponge. Finally, thoroughly rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel.

In order to keep your sink shiny, pour about a tablespoon of mineral oil on a soft rubbing pad or cloth, and then rub it all over the sink in a circular pattern.

After buffing it for a minute or two, wipe away the excess with a dry cloth to reveal a shiny sink.

Final Thoughts

Many homeowners are now choosing to replace ordinary stainless steel sink in favor of composite granite sink. There is no better brand than Blanco as they have more than 90 years of experience in making kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Having a Blanco granite sink puts you in a league of chefs, interior designers, etc.

However, regular use of the sink may cause it to be stained. Furthermore, the usage of harsh chemical cleaners and steel wool may cause severe damage to the natural luster of the sink.

But if you follow the methods stated above, then your Blanco granite sink will remain in spotless condition year after year.

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