Burger Press vs Handmade — Which One to Suggest?

If you search online, then you will see that burgers are one of the most ordered and loved dishes across the globe. A survey in 2012 stated that only in America 50-billion burgers were consumed, and if the whole world were taken into consideration, the numbers would have skyrocketed.

A burger is an uncomplicated dish, which contains buns that encases some marvelous toppings and sauce, and a juicy chicken/beef patty. Does that not sound mighty delicious!

However, the most crucial part is the patty of the burger, and here in our article, burger press vs hand made, you shall finally know which one is the superior method to make a patty. So, if you have ever been troubled concerning the two methods, then this article is perfect for you.

What Is a Burger Press?

It is not easy to make an absolutely round patty, and it is quite messy when you are trying to turn a pile of raw meat into something much tastier. That is where a burger press comes into play!

These kitchen utensils are a simple apparatus, which is a mild non-stick tool! In order to use the tool, all you have to do is fill the empty spacing with meat and press on it (just like the name says you should use it).

Just a word of caution, when you are using this, make sure that the press as a non-stick surface, which would prevent the patty from getting stuck.

How to Make a Perfect Patty?

There is no need to explain what a handmade patty is, as the name is quite explanatory. Nonetheless, you might be facing several issues when you are trying to make a patty, and give that delicate circular appearance, which you see experts do with excellent ease.

Well, making a patty is quite uncomplicated, and all you need it a circular plate. So, make the patty into a ball, and then place the patty within that circular plate. Now, all you have to do is press on it abstain from pressing it straight down, as that will prevent you from having a perfect patty.

Instead, gently press on the sides of the patty until it turns into the shape you want it. If you feel the shape is round enough, you can just press it on the side of the patty, which will give the patty that shape that you have desired, and voila you are done!

Burger Press VS Hand made

Now, that we know all there is to know about the two methods, its time that we start comparing the two!

Easy Operation

Well, both of these products are quite uncomplicated to use. However, the burger press is much more effortless usage. A press enables you to comfortably make a circular patty with relative ease. To use a Burger press, all you have to do is put meat in the allocated area and just press!

On the other hand, when you have to manually prepare a patty (handmade method), you might have to go through a lot of other processes. And even after you have followed all the procedures and precautions, the end results might still not be satisfactory for you.


If money is a concern, then you might prefer the handmade process. It requires no additional tools, and you have to follow very convenient procedures to attain a good patty. Thus, there is no need to spend a single penny on any tools, and you get the job done with ease.

Though the average price of a burger press is quite affordable, and you can also buy a top-notch burger press if you have a handsome budget. However, with the handmade procedure, you do not have to waste a single minute or penny on cookware, and you can spend your money on other things.


Are you a perfectionist? Is it essential for you that the burger you are making is going to be perfect? Well, if these are the things that you need, then you need a burger-press. These wares were specially made to provide you round patties and will allow you to have the results that pro-chefs are capable of.

Now, it is incorrect to presume that a handmade patty is not going to yield the most promising results. However, the results will never be as good as what a burger press will be able to provide you. So, if you are looking for the best results, then opting for a burger-press is an efficient choice.


It is time for the truth! And, after thorough speculation on both the methods, the winner of burger press vs hand made is actually burger press.

Though using a handmade method might be inexpensive, a good-quality burger press is not very expensive, and all the fabulous benefits that it has to offer just outweighs the perks of using the handmade method.

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