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Hey everyone,

A week ago one of my college friends invited me to a new social network called TipTap. Think of it as a blend of Facebook and Pinterest, with a really interesting hook.

There are three types of personality quizzes: Personality, Tastes, and Style. Each quiz takes only a few minutes, and are fun little activities to participate in. By taking a few short personality quizzes, the website will recommend followers with comparable tastes and personalities. For each follower it provides a percentage of compatibility, making it easier to decide whether you want to follow others or not.
Once you’ve followed other members, you’ll be able to participate in taps. Taps are how you share images, videos, or music. This functionality is comparable to Pinterest, as it creates a stream of taps. Your tap stream is a combination of shares from yourself and your followers. With any tap you share, you’re able to add comments and tags, and these tags will be searchable in future enhancements.
After using it for a week, I’ve grown to really appreciate the personality matches. I’ve had a good experience with the taps that others have shared, and have found a variety of delicious looking recipes (one thing I’m interested in with these types of social networks). I definitely recommend it for users who love new social networking sites. It’s also a great social tool for bloggers, great for anyone looking for new site traffic.
Be sure to check it out, and all of the new features that will be coming out soon! Visit tiptap.com to give it a try!

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