I always get a little overwhelmed with all the amazing food out there during Christmas time, and here’s another Christmas-y recipe that I wanted to share with you all from “The Messie Kitchen” (which has slowly grown to be one of my favorite blogs for finding sweet dessert recipes, I highly recommend). Enjoy! The Messie […]

Image Owned By Everyday Southwest As I was browsing through Foodbuzz today for recipes and advice on cooking emu (one of my roommates bought emu, so I’m trying to help him find ways on how to cook it.) I came across this utterly delicious sounding recipe for sweet potatoes. I read through and it and […]

I’ve gone to this restaurant several times, and wanted to share it with any who haven’t attended yet. Maple Ave has such a wide range of cuisine, most of which blends American, French, and Asian flavors seamlessly and beautifully. The menu depends upon what’s seasonal in the greater Virginia area, and I love that they point out […]

Here’s a pretty easy noms, with pictures now included! This is a simple skirt steak recipe. You need: 1 lb skirt steak (or poultry or fish).5c red winecouple tablespoons soy saucecouple tablespoons olive oil2 minced cloves garlic Then, its as easy as getting a shallow pan, mixing everything but the steak together, and letting it […]