chicken pho

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the first weekend of the New Year and welcome to the first Sunday Supper of 2015! If you’re anything like me and have been indulging yourself with rich food while ignoring the word exercise during the holidays, then you’re as excited as I am for today’s Sunday Supper. This […]

  Hey everyone, I hope that you’ve been enjoying our Perdue themed #WeekdaySupper posts this past week! All of our recipes feature the new Perdue Signature Chicken Stock. This chicken stock is unique because it’s refrigerated (find it near other Purdue products at the grocery store) and doesn’t contain any preservatives. Antibiotic-free chicken is used […]

Spinach Feta Frittata

Hey everyone, crazy how it is almost the end of the year, right? Pretty soon it will be November and time to start buying gifts for friends and family. This weekend, the Sunday Supper group has some awesome recipes that are delicious and budget friendly! So whether you’re preparing to save up for the holidays, […]

Birthday Cake I don’t eat cake often. Beyond the fact that there are few prepared gluten free cakes you can buy at grocery stores or restaurants, I have a love-hate relationship with cake frostings. I’ve had tons of cakes in the past where they’re topped with a grainy, overly sweet frosting. I’ve made many butter […]