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 Hi all!

My friends and I made some marshmallows a while back, and followed this recipe from Alton Brown. I definitely recommend it, and it’s easy to make gluten free. Here’s a few tips that I want to share:

  • This is an easy dessert to make gluten free. You just have to check the packaging on some of the ingredients. Be sure to use gluten free vanilla, corn sryup, and corn starch. Research which brands are safe. I recently received a copy of Triumph Dining’s The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide, so I’m using that as a reference. I’ll write more on their product in a later post. 
    • Some Gluten Free Corn Syrup Brands: Brer Rabbit, Crosby’s, Karo
    • Some Gluten Free Vanilla Extracts: Best Choice, Sauer’s, Simply Organic
    • Some Gluten Free Corn Starches: Argo, Bob’s Red Mill
  • Be sure to store these in an air tight container the moment after you make them (or arrange them into a bowl for photographs) so that they don’t go stale.
I hope you enjoy! If I have success I’ll share a recipe for some gluten free graham crackers in the next few weeks. (Potentially) perfect for smores!

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