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Photo owned by “This Mama Loves”

I had a really amazing experience this year at the Food and Wine Conference (much more on that in an upcoming post). I came away with many ideas, one of which is to highlight Pinterest posts each week that either give me inspiration, or have really great gluten free lifestyle tips.

This week I wanted to highlight This Mama Loves’ post about 6 Ways to Eat Gluten Free on a Budget. I wanted to highlight two of the tips that stuck out to me, and go to This Mama Loves for the rest!

From This Mama Loves:

Cook and Bake

The more you cook and bake yourself the more money you can save on food. Buying prepared, packaged convenience foods can eat into your food budget in a big way. Many items can be baked and frozen ahead of time and then thawed as needed. If you’re uncomfortable doing this, consider looking for a gluten free baking class nearby. It’s an investment that can really pay off over time – and is probably a lot cheaper than having several failed attempts at gluten free baking.

Tax Deductions

Yes, believe it or not, if you have been diagnosed celiac disease and do itemized deductions on your taxes, you can take the cost of gluten-free food as a deducted medical expense. There are some guidelines you must follow, for example you can’t deduct the full cost of a loaf of gluten free bread, only the difference between the cost of a regular loaf of bread and the gluten free product. If you have to travel to a special store to buy gluten free items or have them mailed to you the transportation costs and postage can also be included as part of the deduction. The Celiac Disease Foundation has information available about how to do this, though you may also want to consult a tax professional about what types of documentation you need to keep.”

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