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With a very heavy heart, we reach out to you – his many friends and family – in loving memory of TR Crumbley, who passed away in peace this morning surrounded by his family.
He was a good man, loved by many. He received so much love from you – cards, text messages, video messages, video chats, blog posts, emails, food, balloons. He treasured them all. We know he wanted to reply to them all, but there is never enough time. Thank you.
After months of battling an aggressive duodenal cancer, he bravely made a decision on his own terms to stop treatment and be surrounded by his loved ones to the end. He kept his patented humor and wit with him all the way through. The hospital staff at Georgetown met him for the special amazing person he was and loved him, too. He never complained. He was never bitter.
The family is working to plan a memorial service in a few weeks. We will keep you posted.
In the meantime, please hug a friend – reach out to your loved ones, share a TR moment, and celebrate his life.
We’d love to hear some private messages for ideas on carrying on his legacy – finishing his cookbook, continuing his blog, doing a service project, and more.
With great love,
Taylor, Doug, John, & Zak

  1. Sue says:

    The sun today shines a little less bright.
    The stars refused to sparkle overnight.
    Hearts are heavy and the air is still.
    Somewhere far off is sound of distant thunder-
    But it’s not a storm.
    It’s TR, dancing on the tables of eternity,
    Waiting for us to rejoin him with smiles, laughter, and joy.
    As our tears fall in a torrential rain,
    Happy memories always remain.

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