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grillfish seared scallops


This past weekend I traveled into northeast DC to eat some dinner at Grillfish. Grillfish is an amazing seafood and meat restaurant that uses sustainable and local ingredients to make some (**spoiler alert**) amazing dishes. I’m nervous about going out to eat due to the chances of waiters not knowing what gluten is, and the chances of cross contamination. I was more than happy to find that Grillfish not only has delicious food, but they’re conscious of the fact that their customers may have food allergies. So I wanted to share my experience with all of you, and I hope it inspires you to visit grillfish, whether you live in the DMV area or are just visiting!

As I mentioned earlier, I get a bit nervous when I dine out. Most of the time I’ll do some research ahead of going to a new restaurant, whether it be online or by calling the restaurant ahead of time. One of my friends who is familiar with the restaurant let me know that the staff are trained about food allergies, and make it their goal to ensure you’re able to enjoy your meal without having to worry about the “what-if’s” of allergies. Let me tell you, they were definitely right. Once I got to the restaurant, one of the first things they did was confirm that I had a food allergy as was communicated when the reservation was made. From there on out, the waiter and rest of the staff made it super easy to enjoy their amazing food without worrying about gluten in my food.


The food at the restaurant was my favorite part, I’m still thinking about how amazing the scallop dish I had was. Grillfish prides itself on sourcing sustainable and local ingredients, and it really comes through in the quality of the food. I visited during DC restaurant week, so I was able to eat several courses at a really amazing price. I started out the meal with an Arugula and Beets salad, served with candied fennel, almonds, and blue cheese. I loved the preparation of the beets in this salad, as the natural sweetness went well with the peppery taste of the arugula. Coupled with the texture of the almonds and the tangy taste of the blue cheese, I fell in love with the salad (which is saying something as I normally don’t associate the words beets and love with one another).

The superstar of the meal for me was the seared scallops in white wine and lime butter with greens, pictured at the top of this post. I know that superstar may sound like a weird word to use describing food, but this dish was the epitome of my dream scallop dish. Just thinking of the words I want to use to describe this dish is making me joyous and filled with hunger. Not only is the dish beautifully presented, but the scallops really shine as the star of the dish. They are perfectly seared and caramelized, filled with the briny sweetness you hope for. The fresh scallops are wonderfully accented with the amazingly zesty sauce and deliciously earthy and slightly bitter wilted greens. All of the tastes really balance with one another well, leaving me with the desire for another plate. I finished off the meal with a fresh and light peach sorbet that felt perfect for eating dinner in DC during the summer.

In summary, if you couldn’t tell I was blown away by how delicious the seafood was, and I definitely have added grillfish to my list of DC restaurant go-to’s. They have some amazing food, a warm and friendly staff, and make someone like me with dietary restrictions feel at ease, able to enjoy my meal without fear of repercussions later on. I definitely recommend Grillfish, you should go check it out!

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