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cookies and cream milkshake

Happy Fourth of July! If you’re in America and celebrating Independence Day, I hope you’re having a fun filled weekend with friends and family! This year in Virginia we have a relatively mild weekend, but if you live somewhere hot and need something to beat the heat, try out this gluten free cookies and cream milkshake! Anyone that knows me knows that I love my sweet treats cold, and even more than that I have two sweet combinations that I die for: chocolate peanut butter and cookies and cream.

Growing up my mom tried to ingrain some healthy eating habits into my brain, so we didn’t go out for desserts often. But when we did? The pinnacle of sweet treats was always an Oreo blizzard at DQ. For me that’s always been something about the combination of cold, smooth ice cream and crunchy boulders of chocolate goodness that I’ve always loved with. To this day there’s still nothing I’d rather have on a warm summer day than a cookies and cream milkshake.

And you may be asking “TR, aren’t you gluten free? Don’t Oreos have flour? You can’t eat cookies and cream anything!” For a while there you would have been correct in assessing my food divorce with chocolate sandwich cookies. But then I found Glutino sandwich cookies and my cookies and cream milkshake separation was over. I use a wide range of gluten free products in my home, and I’ve tested out a whole bunch in the process. There are other gluten free chocolate sandwich cookies out there, but I personally like Glutino’s the most. The cookies always have a great texture, but even more than that their filling doesn’t taste like sweetened Crisco. The filling is smooth and it isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, making it a great snack next to a large glass of milk. I hope you try out this recipe, I had a bunch of fun making it and even more fun eating/drinking it!

Glutino Cookies and Cream Milkshake

Glutino Cookies and Cream Milkshake


  • gluten free chocolate syrup
  • gluten free sprinkles
  • 3 scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 1 tsp gluten free vanilla extract
  • 2/3 cup 2% milk
  • 5 Glutino chocolate sandwich cookies
  • chocolate whipped cream, for garnish


  1. Pour the chocolate syrup along the rim of the glass you want to serve the milkshake in. Sprinkle while the sauce is still wet.
  2. In a blender, mix the ice cream, vanilla, and milk. Crush 4 of the cookies and mix into the milkshake. Transfer to the serving glass and top with whipped cream and a cookie.
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