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It’s summertime, which means its time for cookouts, grilling, beach, and tons of other fun events where alcohol is a featured beverage. We normally have periodic happy hours at work, but what’s a gluten free person supposed to drink when going out for a social event? You’ll find a lot of varying results if you do a google search on “is alcohol gluten free?” Beers and malted beverages are a simple straight forward yes (unless it’s specifically crafted to be gluten free), while hard alcohols fall into a far more debatable category.

Here’s a few tips from me for how to decide what to drink while out at a bar for your gluten free happy hour:

  • Know your gluten free beers. There is an increasing selection of gluten free beers out there, but the list is still pretty small. If you liked drinking beer before going gluten free, then be sure to have a list saved on your phone of all the known beers that are crafted gluten free. You won’t have a hard time choosing if a gluten free beer is on the menu, most bars will have 1 at most. But more than likely your beer option will be…
  • Hard cider is your friend. Even if it can be cloyingly sweet. Ciders and wine are gluten free, so you can always order those with confidence. If you want to mix it up with hard alcohol though…
  • Know your hard alcohol brands. There’s grey area on whether some hard alcohols are friendlier to gluten free and Celiac than others. I normally have a list of a brand name hard alcohol or vodkas, cognacs, etc. so I know what to ask for with confidence that I won’t get sick. Well, from gluten at least. Also, I get afraid of mixed drinks at bars because you don’t know what else goes into it. I normally avoid them since some mixers have gluten in them.
  • If all else fails, water is your go-to gluten free friend.

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