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Nine years ago I started watching  show called How I Met Your Mother, and after 9 years the show is coming to a finale on Monday. I’ve watched this show for years with friends and the happiness and memories have made me appreciate what the show offered through the years. Whether it be a mechanism to meet with friends during the week to eat, talk, and enjoy some television, or have something to talk with co-workers about the next day, I’m sad to see the show go after all these years.

IMG_0645That’s why I wanted to make something fun for friends before we all get together on Monday to watch the finale. When it comes to desserts, I normally lean towards a simple presentation with modest decorations. However, following the sayings of suit up or legendary, I wanted to try something new for the Monday night snacks. I’ve always wanted to try using fondant to decorate a cake, but never tried it. Fondant is a sugar and oil based icing that can easily be rolled and is commonly used to decorate cakes. This case I rolled the fondant and cut it into shapes similar to a suit. The fondant is able to easily stick to frosting, so I used frosting to stick two pieces of fondant together. It was an interesting experiment to try, and I’m glad that it worked out so well!




1/2 cupvegetable shortening
1/2 cupcorn syrup
1 tspgluten free vanilla extract
1/2 tbspgluten free corn starch
16 ozpowdered sugar


  1. Mix the shortening, syrup, vanilla, and starch together in a bowl.

  2. Slowly mix the sugar into the bowl until it is well combined, and feels like play doh.

  3. If coloring the fondant, slowly knead in coloring until the desired color is achieved.

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