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It’s time for Food Tip Wednesday, and today’s topic is how to prepare camping trips for a mix of gluten free and traditional food eaters. I’ve gone on a few trips since going gluten free, and I’m currently planning a trip for a mix of different lifestyles. I’m gluten free, a few of the people coming are vegetarian or vegan, and some are dairy free. I hope these tips help you the next time you’re planning a camping trip.

  • Survey the attendees: You may already know the dietary restrictions and preferences of your attendees, but if you’re unsure send a short survey to the individuals or their parents. Be sure to keep it concise and to the point. I like to ask for pre-packaged brand foods the invitees can eat, as they’re a safe fallback in case they need additional snacks. Some good questions to ask are:
    • Do you/your child have any food allergies?
    • Do you have any lifestyle restrictions? (ex. Vegan, Paleo, etc.)
    • If they do, do they carry an EpiPen or other medicine?
    • List 3-5 pre-packaged brand foods that are safe for you or your child to eat.
  • Ask for recipes: If you’d rather prepare snacks ahead of time, ask the invitees for one of their favorite snack recipes. Not only will you bring something they’ll enjoy, but you also won’t have to worry about preparing it on the trip. Be mindful of what you use to prepare the food with, and ask if cross contamination is an issue.
  • For Celiac or Highly Sensitive, mitigate cross contamination risk: There are some trips I’m invited to, but I’m afraid of encountering cross contamination while on the trip. (Believe me, it happened once and nothing is worse that cross contamination symptoms while camping.) If you’re preparing gluten free food, use separate preparation tools and surfaces to reduce the risk of contamination. I like to prepare one or two things and bring them with me on the trip, just in case.

I hope you find these three tips helpful as you’re planning your next summer camping trip!

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