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Hi everyone! Happy Monday, and if you live in the US Happy Memorial Day! Today I wanted to recap my experience this year at Food Wine Conference (spoilers, it was AMAZING). This was my third year at FWCon, and each year I love the experience more and more. This year I wanted to go a day earlier for a little mini-vacation, so when I landed I headed over to Disney Epcot for the day. I hadn’t been to Disney for years, and even then I’d only ever been to the Magic Kingdom. Various friends had also recommended Epcot as a Disney World for adults, so I decided to check it out. I fell in love with it, and I felt like a kid again! It was so much fun immersing myself in the culture of Disney for a day, and the dinner afterwards blew me away!


Thursday night myself and several of my foodie friends went to Morimoto Orlando for dinner, and it blew me away! The open restaurant was so beautiful, and we were able to see a rack of Peking Ducks in front of the pristine silver open kitchen. Everything off the menu was beautiful, and I was stunned when we were surprised with several desserts (including a delicious drink that wasn’t on the menu yet)! It was an amazing day to kick off a fun filled weekend.


Friday I lunch with one of the family owners of CK Mondavi, and fell in love with the affordable and delicious set of wines. I love wine, but I normally lean more towards drier wines. My body doesn’t really handle sweet wines that well and I prefer the taste of drier wines. All the wines I sampled on lunch Friday were delicious, and the wines featured throughout the weekend were delicious and well worth the price of the wine!

Friday night the conference started and I had so much fun meeting with friends, both new and old. The night started with a milk bar that had some delicious milkshakes, and a beautiful display by Florida Strawberry. The room was filled with handmade chocolates, and I was beginning to turn into one of the kids from Willy Wonka! We ended the night with a taste of Rosen Shingle, a delicious way to start the conference.


Saturday was kicked off with Donatella, who was a gracious conference speaker that is super down to earth. The day was filled with seminars, one of my favorites being an etiquette seminar by Patricia Rossi. She was hilarious throughout the entire seminar, and really captured the audience. I still remember several of the etiquette trips she taught us, including how to quietly signal to waiters you’re on break or done with your meal. The Saturday night dinner was so delicious, and I really think it’s the spotlight of the conference. It’s a nice break from the busy work of the conference, and a great way of eating dinner at a table with lovely people, really harnessing the power of family suppers.

Sunday was filled with all sorts of seminars. I learned a bunch at the podcast seminars, as its something I’ve been interested in and it was a great wealth of information that made me feel ready to start my own podcast. The ChezUs and Beef Checkout seminar on creating videos, and it gave me some inspiration to a new form of recipe video. I tried making the first short form recipe video this past week, and you can check out my YouTube channel for it. Let me know what you think! I was one of the team captains of the first Hashed competition, and had a bunch of fun! We got to cook in a professional kitchen and create our own original recipes! I had a bunch of fun with the challenge, and I’m looking forward to what happens next year with Hashed! There were some imperfections to the format, but that’s to be expected when something this creative was attempted for the first time.

I hope you all enjoyed my recap, and I hope you join me at next year’s conference!

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