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A Recipe for Empowerment #FWCon

It may be four months away, but before you know it the 2015 Food and Wine Conference will be here! The Food and Wine Conference is a friendly weekend event that brings together bloggers, small business owners, food professionals, authors, and PR professionals. It’s an amazing learning opportunity for bloggers and small business owners, and a great opportunity to network with peers.


The Beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida

When is it?

July 17-19, 2015

Where is it?

The Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida.

These macaroons were even more delicious than they looked.

These macaroons were even more delicious than they looked.

How do you get more info?

The Food and Wine Conference website is the go-to spot for all info. Bookmark http://foodandwineconference.com/ for all the details and updates.

You can also follow the conference on social media using the hashtag #FWCon for discussion and links.

You can also follow the Food and Wine Conference on social media:

How do you register?

Register at http://foodandwineconference.com/#tile_registration and use the code FWC15crumtr for a $50 discount

The Sunday Supper Family at #FWCon 2014

The Sunday Supper Family at #FWCon 2014

Why should you attend the Food and Wine Conference?


The Food and Wine Conference is an amazing opportunity to network with bloggers and learn how to improve your craft. I went for the first time last year and came away with friends and lessons that I’ve been applying over the past year. It has an incredibly personal feeling to it, and makes you feel special amongst such fantastic talent. I work with the Sunday Supper Movement, and being able to meet all the people I’d interacted with online for over a year was a truly special experience.

Opportunity to Learn

FWCon has some amazing seminars that provide an opportunity to learn and expand your craft. Saturday and Sunday are packed with a wide variety of seminars. 2014’s ranged from SEO and social media, to writing and photography skills. Hands-on workshops were available to help you elevate your blog to the next step.

Opportunity to Network

Last year’s FWCon was filled with friendly bloggers that created a positive environment that still inspires me. I was able to meet tons of people I knew online, and also met many more that I still keep in touch with. It’s a great opportunity to meet new bloggers, professional writers, and experienced professionals that you can learn from even after the conference.


Oh my gosh. So much food. So much wine. And it was all amazing. Delicious. I still crave a potato recipe that was served last year on cold snowy days.

So. Much. Food. And. Wine.

So. Much. Food. And. Wine.


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