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Hey everybody! Yesterday when I was exploring Facebook for some Sunday Supper shares, I stumbled across a post from Constance Smith of Cosmopolitan Cornbread and Christy of Southern Plate! I recently started up on vlogging again, so I thought it would be fun to participate in their Food Bloggers Vlog Every Day in June Challenge! Each day in June, I’ll be posting a vlog entry on this Youtube playlist:

Gluten Free Crumbley Daily Vlog YouTube Playlist

Thank you to Christy for organizing this month’s Vlog challenge, be sure to check out her post for more details if you’d like to join. Check out my vlog for June 1 below, along with the questions I’ll be answering. I’ll also answer any additional questions left in the comments of the video, this post, my twitter…….you get the point. Ask me a question and I shall answer!

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/trcrumbley

June 1  How long have you been blogging? What prompted you to start?

June 2  What was the first recipe you ever posted on your blog and what made you choose that one?

June 3   Who taught you how to cook? Tell us about them.

June 4  Have you ever had a major cooking fail?

June 5  What was the first thing you remember cooking? How old were you?

June 8  What food trend do you see as utterly ridiculous?

June 9  What dishes do your family and friends beg you to make for them?

June 10   You’ve just come home from a week away, an entire week without any home cooked food. What is the first thing you make?

June 11  Is there a special dessert you like for your birthday?

June 12  What would your last meal be?

June 15  Describe a typical meal (or meals) that your family had while growing up.

June 16  Do you remember the pattern of dishes you ate on as a child? Are there any special dishes your family uses today?

June 17  What did you drink with meals growing up? What does your family drink with meals today?

June 18  If you were to have your own tv show what would it be about? Describe an episode.

June 19  What was the last book you read?

June 22  What recipe on your blog is incredibly popular – and that really surprises you?*

June 23  What is the craziest comment you’ve ever received on your blog?

June 24  Do you consider yourself a foodie? What about a chef?

June 25  As a food blogger, if you could take one part of your job off your plate, what would it be?

June 26  What is your favorite form of social media? Least favorite? Why?

June 29  Have you ever had a post cause a completely unexpected and erratic (good or bad) reaction?

June 30  What is the BEST part of being a food blogger?*

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