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Hey everybody! I attended the third Food and Wine Conference in July as both a speaker (!!!) and a brand ambassador (for Chicory) and wanted to share my experience this year!


Pictured above is the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek, and let me tell you, this picture does not do the facility justice. The hotel and conference building is huge, and you really don’t get the breath of how big it is until you drive up to it the first time. They have a great range of amenities such as pools, golf courses, a spa, and so many more things that enabled this fun and relaxing trip!

Like I mentioned earlier, this was the first time I was a speaker this year with Brenda Bennett, Brianne Izzo, Danielle Omar, and Jenny Melrose. We shared our experiences with how we balance life and work, and I was so glad that my first experience speaking at a conference was with these amazing ladies! It was such an amazing experience, and I am so thankful that Food and Wine Conference featured me as one of many very impressive speakers.


One of the things I love most about the Food and Wine Conference is that it has such a friendly, familial aura about it. It’s such a welcoming environment that promotes positive energy and enables the ability to learn a huge amount in such a small time frame. I love being able to see the Sunday Supper family and catch up with so many people in person!


Onto one of the most important parts of this recap: the food! There was so much amazing food that it’s really hard to capture everything, so I wanted to highlight two of my favorite items. During the Saturday sessions, we all sit in a large conference room and have opportunity to learn a lot in a short amount of time from an array of panels. Every few hours we breaked for snacks or beverages. Before I talk about the amazing smoothies we had with Georgia Peaches, I need to confess something. I hate greek yogurt. With a passion. Something about the combo of the natural tangy flavor and the inconsistent texture of most greek yogurts throws me off. So it amazed me that I fell in love with this smoothie that used greek yogurt! In the smoothie it contributed to the overall consistency, but the true star of the show were the fresh aromatic Florida Peaches.


If you follow this blog, its no surprise that I love beef. Passionately. So the beautifully cooked Certified Angus Beef that we had for dinner was heavenly. The beautiful sides were all amazing and complemented the beef wonderfully, but the beef was the true star. The beef had a perfectly cooked pink center and caramelized grill marks on the outside. Paired with the balanced seasoning of salt and pepper, the steaks made the dinner that was paired with Hess wines.

Image by Cupcakes and Kale Chipshttp://cupcakesandkalechips.com/food-and-wine-conference-2015-recap-fwcon/

I hope you all enjoyed my retrospective of the conference, and thank you again to my amazing co-speakers at our panel. Thank you to Brianne for your amazing moderation skills, and I look forward to what #FWCon brings next year!

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