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Hi everyone, hope you’re having a a good weekend so far! I wanted to share the Food and Wine Conference this July 18-20. The Food and Wine Conference brings bloggers, chefs, media experts, brands and authors for the weekend. Its an amazing opportunity for bloggers or small business owners to learn more about SEO, promotion via social media, food photography, and more. It is the first year I’ll be attending the conference, and I recommend y’all attend if you have the opportunity!

If you’d like to save $50 on your Food and Wine Conference ticket, use the code “TRCrumbley”  when registering here.

I encourage you to check out some of the speakers such as Whitney Miller (Masterchef), Harris Rosen (COO and president of Rosen Hotels & Resorts), Isabel Laessig (owner and President of Sunday Supper, LLC), and more. The conference is also hosting several contests, each with a chance to earn a ticket to the Food and Wine Conference. Some of the contests are: the Dixie Crystals Brownie Dessert Contest, the Idaho Potato Breakfast Recipe Contest, the Rosen Hotels & Resort Recipe Contest, and the Safest Choice No-Bake Summer Recipe Contest. For more details, check them all out here.

I look forward to seeing you there, and to be covering the event in July! Be sure to check out the site for more news, and check out the conference website and all of the social media sites below:

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