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Hi everyone, this month is Celiac Awareness Month. This is going to be a short post, but I wanted to share some sites to kick of this month. I’m also planning on sharing a series of posts on the gluten free lifestyle, including some information on Celiac and gluten senstivity, what to look for if you may have Celiac, and ways of adjusting your lifestyle to be gluten free. Post any comments on topics you’d be interested in seeing this month!

Here’s a list of websites and activities to check out this month:

Stuffed Pepper – http://www.stuffed-pepper.com/
Stuffed Pepper is an amazing gluten free community, filled with tons of information and community blog posts. For the month of May, they’re holding their second annual “Test Your Gluten IQ!” event. It’s a fun way of testing your gluten knowledge and to learn more about the gluten free lifestyle. Join the event here: http://www.stuffed-pepper.com/about-gluten-free/test-your-gluten-iq

Celiac.com http://www.celiac.com/blogs

I love the blogs that people post on celiac.com, lots of great information!

Celiac.org http://www.celiac.org/
This is the ultimate place for all things Celiac. They have tons of resources at your disposal!

  1. T.R. says:

    Of course! I loved the event this year and love it this year!

    I’ve talked with some and am planning a “What alcohols are gluten free” post after a few questions from my tequila chicken post during Cinco de Mayo.

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