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This week I decided to try a new gluten free baking mix. I like trying each new gluten free product at least once partly to see if I can come across any food shortcuts that taste good, and also partly for some homemade recipe inspiration. This week I tried Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie mix, and here’s my thoughts and recommendation.Ease: This gluten free cookie mix is really easy to use, with one oversight in the packaging that leads to slight frustration. There’s only three ingredients needed outside of the mix: butter, vanilla, and an egg. The instructions are simply to mix the butter, vanilla, and egg, and then stir in the mix. The only frustration I came across was the fact that the chips are incorporated into the dry mix, so it becomes slightly difficult to mix the wet and the dry thoroughly. I feel this mix would be easier to mix if the chips and dry mix were packages separately.

Texture: The cookies bake quickly (only in 8 minutes). I’ve always been a fan of chewy chocolate chip cookies, and that’s how they came out for me when baking at 8 minutes. Sometimes I find some gluten free cookie mixes to have a grainy texture, and I’m happy to say this mix avoids this problem.

Verdict: I enjoy the taste of the cookies, and they were definitely quick and easy to make. I would recommend this mix to anyone else, and I’m planning on buying it again in the future.

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