peach salsa

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s 5 Ingredients or Less Sunday Supper where I’m bringing peach salsa! I’m so excited to be hosting this week, I’ve been looking forward to the creativity that the group would be bringing with these recipes. This week we all took on the challenge of creating recipes with 5 ingredients […]

yellow cake

Hey everybody, I hope you’re having a good week so far! Yesterday’s Food Tip Wednesday focused on why you should use citrus in cooking, so I wanted to share a recipe using zest. Today’s recipe is for a simple gluten free yellow cake filled with lemon and orange zests. This is one of my go […]


It’s time for Food Tip Wednesday, and today’s topic is how to prepare camping trips for a mix of gluten free and traditional food eaters. I’ve gone on a few trips since going gluten free, and I’m currently planning a trip for a mix of different lifestyles. I’m gluten free, a few of the people […]

gluten free gnocchi

Happy Friday! I’m super excited that spring is here and it’s finally starting to get warmer. To celebrate, I wanted to share a pasta recipe that features herbs and vegetables fresh from the garden. After playing around with a few different pasta types, I changed my mind and wanted to serve it with gnocchi. Gnocchi are […]