Hey everyone, I wanted to share my experiences with living in a shared kitchen and how to reduce cross contamination. After reading my experiences, please share your thoughts and your own experiences in the comments section! It’s much easier to control your kitchen environment if you’re a parent with children, but once your child moves out, […]

Hey everyone, this week’s #sundaysupper is inspired by a creative cookbook called desserts in jars by Shaina Olmanson. The title is pretty self explanatory, but all the recipes in the book are baked or presented inside of jars. It’s a super creative concept and is an inspired way of presenting food to your friends and family. […]

Hi everyone! This week I’m doing a giveaway for Shaina Olmanson’s desserts in jars, a beautiful and creative dessert book that I definitely recommend if you want to try something creative. This week’s #sundaysupper is inspired by the book, so if you want to see all the recipes inspired by this book, check out my […]

Hi everyone! I wanted to share my experience with y’all for Konsyl gluten free fiber supplements.  I have family members who have had cholesterol issues in the past, and Konsyl fiber was recommended for helping reduce cholesterol levels.  I tried the original formula, which is of a similar consistency to a protein powder, so I used it […]

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there. Isabel summarized this week’s theme in her preview post pretty well; we’ve all become like an extended family, and this week’s theme is inspired by dads everywhere. Join us for this #sundaysupper to support all of the dad’s, and share our love for them through […]

This week for #weekdaysupper, we’re all sharing easy recipes that are perfect for the busy family. All of our recipes can be prepared in under 30 minutes or less! The other recipes this week are: Monday – girlichef – Blackened Tilapia w/ Quick Collard Greens Tuesday – Gourmet Drizzles – Chicken Divan Mini Bread Bowls Wednesday – […]