For those of you not familiar with Pinterest, check out Let me give you a brief tutorial on the fastest growing social media platform. I must start off confessing that I am somewhat of a “newbie” when it comes to Pinterest. I do however, have a keen interest in Pinterest and recently changed my personal Pinterest profile […]

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all staying warm in this winter season! Over the past month or so, I’ve been trying gluten free bread recipes. For a while, I had completely avoided making gluten free breads and rolls. The first reason is that I really don’t crave bread that much anymore. Eating gluten free, especially […]

Hi everyone! It’s the first weekend of the month and time for our #Foodlove blog hop! For those who haven’t heard of it, every month a group of bloggers come together to post recipes set to a theme we decide ahead of time. We then launch a month of themed recipes with posts we host […]

I’ve had several attempts at making gluten free pasta in the past, but I haven’t been fully satisfied with the result most of the time. Either they’ve fallen apart, or they’ve come out too grainy. It’s been a goal of mine to create a recipe that not only I can enjoy, but anyone else could as well. That’s why this […]

New Year’s Eve is always a fun celebration with family and friends, reminding you of all that’s happened in the past year. Whether it’s significant life events, good things that happened with work, or celebrating the fact that the Mayans were wrong, NYE is a wonderful moment for good foods and good friends. Last year […]