Hey everyone! I hope that you’ve had a great Friday and are looking forward to the weekend. I wanted to start the weekend by sharing a fundable for a growing gluten free community, Stuffed Pepper (check out the link above). Stuffed Pepper is a community website for gluten-free living. It is a resource created by […]

September 13th is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day thanks to Dr. Samuel Gee Celiac Disease awareness and diagnosis has exploded over the last decade.  This is due to many factors including the passionate group of gluten-free individuals who help spread the word through many media outlets, the volunteers at local support groups and those that […]

Hey everyone, hope that you’re having a great Labor Day weekend, its the first weekend of the month, and time for onionlove! This month I’m co-hosting with Besty of JavaCupcake (her Twitter and Pinterest are here). For this event, I made a gluten free macaroni and cheese dish, filled with onions, bacon, and Monterrey cheese. It’s […]