I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! Earlier this month, as mentioned in this post, I was inspired by others in the blogging community to host a pumpkin party this week. My hope is that this will be a wonderful opportunity for bloggers to share their favorite pumpkin recipes with each other […]

Hey everyone! I hope that you’ve had a good weekend (better than my concussion-filled one, at least…). All this month, EA Stewart (@TheSpicyRD) and a variety of other bloggers are hosting an apple event called #applelove. Search the #applelove hashtag on twitter to find all the amazing recipes collected so far.  For this cupcake, I […]

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. Some how it is already October, the weather is getting colder, and pumpkins are popping up everywhere! Last weekend a couple of friends and I went to Scion in Washington, DC for dinner. Several people grew excited when they told us that they’re […]