Fresh, colorful produce may be the best part of the spring. After a cold winter filled with tons of soups and root-based dishes, the brightness of spring vegetables is a welcomed change to the palette. This colorful salad is a light, healthy, and refreshing side dish perfect for the spring and summer. Definitely a salad that I […]

After attending an amazing wedding this weekend, it was time for me to make a good home cooked meal that could last as leftovers during a busy week. This goes well with a hearty vegetable such as asparagus or with a light, refreshing salad. Yields: 2 pork tenderloins, serves 4-6 Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: ~50 minutes […]

Between Blogger being down for half a week and a rather busy month of work, I’m finally able to write about an amazing event from two weeks ago, the 1 in 133 event to raise attention with the media and the FDA about gluten allergy food labeling. The center attraction to this event was a […]