Continuing from my post last month, my roommates and I continued to develop our backyard garden and our appreciate for local, organic foods. Back in late March our tomato seeds grew into seedlings. We started gestating (the phase where the seeds turn into seedlings) in mid-March under the assumption that we would be able to […]

Earlier this week I received some 4.5 inch spring form pans. Spring form pans are pretty neat little tools that appear like a round cake pan, only the bottoms can be removed from the sides. This makes spring form pans useful for desserts (especially cheesecake) and deep dish pizzas. I’ve never been a large fan of traditionally […]

As a part of my experiment with Bisquick GF mix (see my review here), I decided to make some quick sandwiches out of them for dinner. For the pictures of this recipe, you’ll see that I use biscuits made from Bisquick. Instead of Bisquick GF biscuits, I recommend using this recipe, which takes about 20 […]