My last post I described some of my trip to Hill Top Winery, and how I was inspired by their Blackberry Delight Wine to create a dinner and dessert centered around it. During the tasting they described a recipe of replacing water in brownie mix with the Blackberry Wine, and here’s my twist on that […]

Over the past year, my roommates and I have grown to appreciate organic and local food and markets. A month or two ago we were at our favorite market and saw a display for organic seeds. The display, along with the rather dead backyard, motivated us to buy a few varieties of seed. With the […]

This past week I had the opportunity to try out some products from Bye Bye, Gluti, and I wanted to review them for all of you! Bye Bye, Gluti creates gluten free varieties of breads, pastas, and desserts with high quality ingredients. Many of the products I ate were made with some combination of corn, […]