Flashback to a year ago, when the greater Washington D.C. area saw the worst snowstorm its had in years; people dubbed it the only thing logical. The snowpocalypse. D.C. and its surrounding cities experienced upwards of 2 feet of snow that shut the metro area down. It was such a big deal that whenever I […]

The perfect blend of coffee and chocolate bliss… Yields about 6-8 Waffles, and 5 cups of ice cream Waffle Ingredients:-2 cups gluten-free flour mix-5 tbsp sugar-1/4 cup high quality cocoa powder-1/2 tsp salt-1/2 tsp baking soda-1 tsp baking powder-3 eggs-2 tbsp melted butter-2 tsp vanilla-2 cups milkWaffle Steps:1. Heat a waffle griddle per manufacturer’s instructions.2. […]

Earlier this week, I posted about the new Culinary Challenge feature at my blog, where readers give me challenges to create whatever recipe they desire. This week I am doing Rachel’s challenge; I have come up with a soup recipe that’s easy to make without an oven, and that contains a large amount of vegetables. […]