Base mousse recipes are fairly similar across the board, most contain chocolate, eggs, cream, and sugar. I’ve always loved chocolate mousse and pudding, and I made this recipe to mix it up and add some subtle cinnamon and coffee flavors. Keep in mind this is not a supremely sweet dessert. Print Yum Cinnamon Mocha Mousse […]

Autumn brings football games, cooler weather, and holidays, all with two things in common: comfort food and family. Sadly, gluten-free diets don’t always agree with seasonal food and comfort food. Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties, and many seasonal foods contain gluten: pies, stuffing, sandwiches, cakes, hamburgers, pizza, and more. In fact, its been a whole year since […]

Chocolate desserts are possibly my favorite. To me there’s nothing more than biting into a forkful of pie or cake that pairs the distinct aromatic flavors of chocolate with other interesting flavors and textures. It wasn’t until this past year that I heard about the potential health benefits of eating chocolate. But honestly, how healthy can […]